WHAT IS HGH? Human growth hormone (HGH), sometimes known as somatotropin, is a peptide hormone that encourages cell reproduction, the regeneration of cells, and growth in human beings. Growth hormones are crucial to human development. They are mitogens, which means they are a chemical substance that triggers mitosis, or cell division. HGH levels increase each night during sleep and diminish during the daily physical activities in waking hours.


A recombinant type of HGH called somatropin can be prescribed to treat growth disorders in adult men and women with a deficiency in growth hormones. Recombinant DNA is the term for any strand of DNA that is created in a lab by combining at least two other strands. Recently, doctors in the United States have begun to prescribe HGH to patients who are growth hormone deficient.


Power Up HGH is a powerful formula designed to promote anti-aging effects. When HGH is produced in the body, it is released through the pituitary gland and regulated by the hypothalamus. As human beings continue to age, their levels of HGH begin to decline. When HGH levels decrease, people find their muscle and bone strength beginning to subside and their energy levels starting to wane.


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